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Ulivi Salotti was found in 1972: keeping on the handcrafted peculiarities Ulivi Salotti became a leading company in the sofas and armchairs market, by respecting the important history and tradition of its land, Tuscany, one of the most interesting world area for precious manufacture. A 40 years long journey during which leather and wood, our main raw material, became part of our culture and of our life.
A 40 years long experience during which we evolved our production with new technologies and refined our design towards a timeless contemporary style.

Top quality of raw material and professionalism of workers, as well as, the original design: these are the reasons that why we are successful. A company design policy grew up by getting along with new trends and markets evolution and by researching different solutions keeping on with the high level of our bespoke manufacture. Not only business but also self awareness for our responsibility towards consumers and environment: Ulivi Salotti offers to the market a wide range of eco friendly products, by using leather naturally tanned and finished with natural oil and wax hand made padding processes. A worldwide brand identified as one of the best Italian Made manufacture.