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Founded by Gianni Tonin longer than thirty years ago, Tonin Casa was always passionate, elegant and willing to research the latest novelties, within Art Décor.

In 1975, it mainly worked on shoe racks and classical furniture. The first catalogue regarding those products was released in 1982.
Success, and the always increasing trust given by its customers, were keys to the initial production of contemporary furniture, in the nineties: those products were planned to be a revamp, a new approach to design. At the same time, Tonin Casa wanted to improve its marketing attitude by regularly releasing new catalogues. This made it possible for the company to expand its business well beyond the Triveneto area.

Since then, TONIN CASA has been constantly developing itself and growing up, as far up as possible. It now works in the world-wide market, exporting those values known under the name of "Made in Italy", marriage of beauty and functionality.