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Nicoline is a company that, despite its international dimension, has maintained our "family" character. We have more than forty years of experience and passion behind us; over two generations of artisans have developed and handed down the secrets of their "sartorial skills" in making fine Italian sofas, chairs and beds. Although Nicoline has maintained its traditional way of making furniture, we have invested in new production technologies; this enables us to produce the finest top quality furniture while satisfying both the domestic and abroad markets.
Nicoline, founded in 1992 by Nicola Palasciano developed into an internationally well-known firm able to fulfill consumer demands. We like who we are; small but with a great reputation. We get more satisfaction from a properly stitched seam than a front-page headline. We like the way our staff is always enthusiastic, especially about creating a new product; the way they keep on smiling, even when they are working round the clock to finish a difficult job, watching them listen to music while they work. This very different – and very Italian – way of being a workman, artisan, tailor or manager is one of the reasons we excel at making sofas. Attention to details, quality of workmanship and a wide range of products, have always been our strengths.

Today Nicoline furniture exudes tradition, experience and passion by blending specific technical expertise, the know-how of an experienced team with an entrepreneurial approach in absolute harmony with the social, economic, and environmental changes of the era.