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Everything started about 40 years ago. Result of the experience gained in woodworking from the owner: from carving to painting up to the early work of joinery. Then the creation of a business with the production of the first pieces of furniture and the realization of country and masonry kitchens. We are in the early '90s: in these years are made important partnerships with prestigious retailers that develop both the company and the product, taking it to be considered among the finest in Italy.
In the middle of 2000's, nevertheless, important changes happen: modern design begins to prevail. So on the basis of careful market research, the company decided to implement a major business transformation by devising an ambition and innovative program of kitchens and furniture: MOD'ART Creators of Emotions. A product designed for final customer, which combines a minimal design with important materials (such as wood) and finishing: Cutting Saw, Vintage and Antique Wood are our exclusive finishes, then reproduced industrially by large companies. The entrance of the children in the company gave a further boost to the growth of the company, also internationally. The Company is forerunner and innovator of a new way of making furniture, called MODERNARIATO 2.0.

MOD'ART today is a rare example of "artisan industry", a combination of industry and joinery. The entire production is made within the company, materials are exclusively Italian, products are 100% Made in Italy. Selected materials, CNC machinery, just in time philosophy, internal painting process and the presence of skilled craftsmen allow us to produce kitchens with high quality, attention to detail and equipped with the best technology available on the market. But with a taste and special care that only the truly "handmade" can give. Our design department is always available to support in the best way interior decorators and designers in their work, to satisfy the final customer.