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Meroni Francesco e Figli is a family-run artisan business that was set up as long ago as 1868.

Always oriented towards respecting people and the family, the company specializes in Louis XV, Baroque, Louis XVI, Neoclassic and Transitions styles of furniture in accordance with the authentic artisan traditions of Italy or, more specifically, of Brianza.
In Brianza, the products are handcrafted from wood by skilful master carpenters, master woodcarvers and master decorators.

The solid wood is carved totally by hand in and around Seveso.

It is still the wish of Meroni Francesco e Figli to offer its customers the excellence derived from invaluable traditions that draw upon magnificent classical models and more.

The company has always been dedicated to meeting the needs of a purely international clientele that can customize products – from sizes to carving and from colours to finishes – in such a way that the completed article is a true portrait of Meroni Francesco e Figli's customers..

No two articles are alike.