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GCCOLOMBO, a craft-oriented company which relies on rigorous manufacturing facilities, is based in Brianza, namely one of the main furniture making areas in Italy.

GCCOLOMBO peculiarly approaches a culture of objects and work as identified with art and rooted in Italian fine craftsmanship tradition, in a taste capable of thoroughly epitomizing our creativity. Manual skills and technical know-how, expertise on wood and using first-rate materials are the company's hallmarks.
GCCOLOMBO means an intense, rigorous idea of homes and interior design, as based on countless arrangements. COLLECTIONS and OBJETS signed by GCCOLOMBO, they all rely on remarkable materials to create charming, exciting settings, atmospheres synonymous with a cultural choice. What is more, the manual skills the company is typically connected with stand out in every detail, as the name for timelessly charming uniqueness arising from both History and Memory. GCCOLOMBO style, refined and sophisticated, it is able to catch the attention of a demanding target, that pays attention to details and is fascinated by the research of personality and charme.

And to those involved in the "Contract" market, GCCOLOMBO offers know-how and expertise, the ability to answer top-notch designers' complex requirements through superior quality.

GCCOLOMBO goes hand in hand with Italian made quality.