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Egoitaliano was born from this mission statement that sums up the experience of its founders. An innovative entrepreneurial vision has been added to this know-how, leading the company to choose to operate in a market already mature but willing to implement a differentiation strategy based on the "return to the essence" of upholstered furniture.
A return to the value meant as a choice of consistency according to the principle of "less is more" of to the master Mies van der Rohe. This business decision has led Egoitaliano to win a prominent position among the leaders of the Italian industry in a few years, using the "business to business" sales channel.

The knowledge of the dynamics of production and distribution, merged with the historical relations with the sales force, customers and suppliers was an important base for the take off of the project.

A success also confirmed abroad by positive numbers with clients in markets considered with high growth potential. Egoitaliano has shown a constant and balanced development over the time that has allowed us to implement a progressive international marketing strategy through direct sales channels abroad, in particular in central Europe richest countries.

This result has been achieved by integrating internal and external consolidated commercial skills in markets having a well-known and significant sales potential for upholstery "Made in Italy". EgoItaliano is based in Matera, and has got a lean and flexible working force in the main production district of the Italian Sofas.