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Many are the stories and documents passed down generation to generation in our family but behind our business that was born as a family store and workshop and that is known today as "Callesella Arredamenti" there was only one family.
It all started in the late 19th century. After picking up the craft from a craftsman in the area, in 1896 brothers Costante and Pietro Callesella decided to start together a new adventure. The store/workshop was in a very famous dairy plant in Cison called Latteria Brandolini. Right there, Costante and Pietro, were contracted to manufacture the shipping packaging for dairy products, but they also started making doors and windows, furniture and whatever was needed.

After some years Pietro decided to follow the international path and so he moved to Switzerland with his whole family. My grandfather Costante was then left alone directing and managing the business. He taught this craft to his son Angelo who, once he finished school, started working in the artisan's workshop showing remarkable potential.

During that time, work used to be carried out without any tools. The first machine they purchased was a mill-operated band saw; the mill moved a wheel thanks to the power of the water in the water canal flowing through the dairy plant.

Around 1940 my father Angelo bought in the city center a new house with adjacent land and this allowed him, in a very short time to build a bigger site for his business which was now equipped with the first energy-operated machines that were available on the market at that time. My two brothers and I were also collaborating to his business.

Due to the war, those years were tough and people were very poor. We not only manufactured packaging, we did anything that was needed: doors, windows, many kinds of furniture (about that… some of them are still used by the families of this valley!), tables (on which women used to wash their laundry in the river) and coffins.

In 1965 "Callesella Giuseppe" enterprise was founded. For the fist years we worked for "Dal Vera" a very important furniture business in Conegliano back then and with them we furnished many government offices such as the Registry and the Tax offices that are still using the furniture we built back then.

After a couple of years we started building bedrooms but we then stopped in 1980 when we decided to focus solely on manufacturing rustic furniture. Why? Back then, rustic furniture was very fashionable: it was used in the typical "Taverne" or in the holiday houses in the mountains.

The company experienced a remarkable growth phase until the 90s' when there were eighty people working for it.

Coming back to the present, the company is still a family business, a brothers business, my sons Mauro and Stefano and my daughter Marzia work for and manage "Callesella Arredamenti". They still hold the same spark of their ancestors and take pride in carrying on a business started over 100 years ago.

Maybe there were better words I could have found to tell the story of my business and of its origins. I was born to be a carpenter, to feel the wood and its veining under my hands. I know I am not a good writer, I admit it and leave it up for others to carry out this task.