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The Bakokko factory started its activity in 2001 combining in a winning mix the production experience, the professionalism and the great commercial visibility.

All that is even more evident when the reference point is the international market where the Made in Italy seal is a synonym ofquality. The new Bakokko factory faces the international market with a renewed range of furniture, finished to the smallest of detail with great manual care by master artisans, authentic artists, who strive to create the best finishings to make their works of art fit for the most luxurious houses.
By uniting tradition and innovation, new finishings and materials produced by factories leaders in the Italian and international markets are now used, such as Rubelli, with its prestigious textiles and Swarovski known for its crystals and sophisticated stones.

The real mission of Bakokko consists in the constant search of new models and creative finishings to best satisfy the requirements of new and more demanding markets. The latest technologies combined with traditional manual tools are used to guarantee the real classic touch that best suite our modern times.

The area in which Bakokko is well known is the antique furniture reproduction. Taking the utmost care our skilled craftsmen are able to convey authenticity by using colours and shapes which perfectly respect the historic periods, using similar, if not the same materials, used in old times. The skill of our master artisans is to create a piece of furniture that is not only a simple reproduction, but a "genuine period furniture".

The experience of our professional staff combined with efficient production and delivery, attention to the Client and personalization of the furniture, are safe guarantees that make Bakokko one of the most renowned Made in Italy furniture factories.